What is bulk importing?

Bulk importing is a feature within FMX that allows users to upload data en masse through the use of pre-formatted Microsoft Excel template files. 

FMX currently supports bulk importing data for the following modules:

  • Buildings
  • Resources & Locations
  • Users
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Schedule Requests
  • Technology Requests
  • Transportation requests
  • Building Health Requests
  • All custom modules

Enabling the bulk import feature

The ability to bulk import data is set up in the Admin Settings under the User Type permissions. (If you are not a site administrator, you will not have access to this settings).

1. Navigate to the Admin Settings module.


2. Click on User Types from the Admin Settings' header menu.

Locate the appropriate user type and click on the Edit icon.


4. Scroll down to the module you'd like to allow bulk import permissions for and click the collapsable menu to bring up the list of permissions.



5. Check the Bulk import box. 


6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.


Download the bulk import template

1. Navigate to the Bulk Imports tools on the left sidebar menu.


2. Click on the Import button at the top right of the page.


3. Select which template you are looking to import (Buildings, Inventory, Maintenance Request, Planned Maintenance, User, etc.).


After clicking on your preferred template, the file will download on your device.


Bulk Import Templates

Each bulk import template contains a list of columns that represent fields within FMX. Columns denoted with an asterisk (*) are required fields and must have a value in the associated row to import the data successfully into FMX.


The articles linked below will give you a better understanding of each template, as well as any common issues that you might run into when bulk importing your data.

*Custom module templates will follow the same structure as Maintenance and Technology Requests.


Uploading the completed bulk import template

1. Once you have completed filling out the import template, save the document to your device.

2. Navigate back to the Bulk Import page in FMX.

3. Title the name of your import in the Title section.


3. Next, click on the paperclip icon in the Template section to upload your completed import file 


4. Once your bulk import is titled and the file is uploaded, hit the Validate only button to check your import template for data errors.


5. If there are any errors on the import, such as typos or mismatched records, FMX will steer you in the right direction by pinpointing the column, row, and cell of the error.

For example, if a building in your site is named "Smith High School" and you populated this field in your import template with "SHS", you will need to correct this field to say "Smith High School" so it matches the building name exactly to what is in your site).


Click here to read more about bulk import errors and how to fix them.

6. Once you have corrected the errors on your import template file, re-upload the file to the "Template" field and click "Save". 

7. When your import has been completed, a green banner message will appear at the top of your screen that reads "Success! (Your template name) has been imported with (x of records) records". 



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