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Approve Purchase Orders by Supervisor

You now have two options when it comes to Purchase Order approval chains in FMX: you can approve by user type (existing functionality) or by supervisor (new functionality). A while back we introduced functionality to track your organization structure in FMX and select who various users in your organization report to. This new feature enables the approval process for the Purchase Order module to follow that structure. If an order amount exceeds the approval threshold for a user, that Purchase Order will now go directly to their supervisor for approval. If this feature interests you, reach out to our Customer Success team to help you set it up.

purchase order approval by supervisor set up

purchase order approval by supervisor tag

purchase order approval by supervisor user structure

Other updates

Deleting and undeleting

View deleted and undelete inventory logs

You now have the ability to filter for deleted inventory logs that were created via the log grid (not ones that were created via an associated request/task) as well as undelete these items.

deleted inventory logs

undelete inventory log

View deleted and undelete resources

You now have the ability to filter for deleted resources as well as undelete them.

deleted resources

undelete resources

Creating work requests and planned maintenance tasks

Added the ability for the location of the equipment item to auto-populate on the request form when created from the Equipment profile

Shout out to our customers for this great request! The location field will now be auto-populated if the equipment item from which profile you’re creating from has an associated location.

creating work request from equipment profile

creating a maintenance request from an equipment profile

General user experience

Added the ability to move the viewer to the top of the page if they attempt to submit a form where the Building field is required

One of our new Developers noticed this issue on his first day on the job. Now, if the building field is required on any form you submit, the viewer will jump back to the top of the page so that they can read the reason why they were unable to submit the form.


Integration with Zonar


Organizations using Zonar for fleet inspections can push those inspection results an FMX work request module. Talk to our Customer Success team about getting this integration set up for your site: support@gofmx.com

FMX’s Product Roadmap

Here are some features to look for in the next few months.

Allow unregistered users to receive email notifications [Added 8/12]

If your organization allows unregistered users (users who do not have an FMX account) to submit work requests via email, you are now able to allow them to receive email notifications about the requests that they submit. This permission will be defaulted to off, so you will not have to do anything differently if you want them to continue not to receive notifications.

Allow inventory to be requested on work requests

Your inventory grid will soon be able to display a new “Requested Qty” column. Users will able be able to request inventory in the details of work requests (assuming they have the correct permissions of course). The requested quantity column on the inventory grid will be the total amount of items requested in each work request. This feature can be useful for inventory forecasting and warehousing.

Passwordless authentication

Organizations will soon have the option to allow different user types to log in via passwordless authentication. To log in, users will enter their email address, and FMX then send a link to their email. Users will then click that link to log in.

Signature action for work requests

You will soon be able to add an electronic signature to your work request details to sign off on the work being performed. Any edits that are made to the details will void the signature and the request will have to be resigned.

HTML email notifications

Soon our email notifications will receive a bit of a facelift. If your email client allows for HTML emails, your email notifications will soon include your organization logo and be presented in a graphical interface.

If you have any questions about any of the features highlighted in this article, please reach out to the FMX Customer Success Team at support@gofmx.com.

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