The Google Admin Console (GAC) integration allows IT teams to view all devices and users within their organization. By having this data within FMX, these IT teams can assign devices to users, create tickets on their behalf, and audit what they have available.

This article will explain how to set up your Google Admin Console(GAC) integration with FMX for your users. These instructions are for users who have purchased the Google Admin Console integration and have already been added to prismatic. If you are interested in adding this integration please reach out to your account manager at FMX.

Before completing the below steps make sure to do the steps in this support article in order to authenticate the Google Admin Console Integration.

*If you have already completed the GAC authentication and set up your prismatic account for the device integration go the heading "Users in GAC" and start there. 

Go to the Integrations Settings

In your FMX site go to your admin settings. Then go to the tab that says “Integrations”. In this section you will see all of the integrations you have on your FMX site through Prismatic. Prismatic is a platform that you will use to set up the integration between your GAC and FMX. The platform is embedded into FMX and you will use it via the integrations tab. To access your integration to begin the setup process select the integration you would like to work on. If you do not see the GAC integrations reach out to your primary contact at FMX.

Users in GAC

Go to the integrations settings tab in your admin settings. To set up the GAC integration for your Users select the “GAC - User’ in this tab. In order to start this process click the “Reconfigure” button.


Initial Configuration

For this step there is nothing that you need to do to complete this. Select "Next" to move on to the configuration section. 


*If you have completed the GAC device integration already this would be the same information you entered in for the configuration section.

Next, fill out the following fields: 

  • Hostname - this is your FMX hostname. This can be found in the URL of your site and it is the text before “”. For example: The bolded text is your hostname. 
  • Password - this is the password of the FMX integration user you add(see details on this above)
  • API User Email - this is email address of the integration users you add(see details on this below)

You will need to create an account in your FMX site for the integration to sync with. Put the log in information in the password and user field. In order to do this you will need to create a new user type that will not be updated. If the integration’s user type is updated this can cause the integration to not work.

To create a new user type click the “Admin Settings" in the left sidebar then select the” User Types" tab at the top of the page. You can either select add “User Type” at the top of the page or click the vertical 3 dots next to a user type that may have full access like “FMX Administrator” and click “copy”. Name the user type “FMX Integration”. For more information on user types go to this support center article.

Next go to the following setting and make sure the user type has the following permissions:

  • Building & Resource Access
    • Read - Any
  • Equipment Access
    • Create 
    • Read - Any
    • Update- Any
    • Retire - Any
    • Permitted Equipment Types Includes All Desired
      • If the user type does not have access to an equipment type you would want to sync with GAC then those devices would not sync.
  • User & Contact Access
    • Administer
    • Read Users
    • Read Contacts
    • Delete
  • Permitted Access to All Desired Custom Fields

Fill out the next fields with the information you gathered from GAC. To obtain the information for these fields make sure to complete authentication steps from this support article . These steps should be done prior to reconfiguring the instance. If this has not been done click cancel and complete the authentication. Then fill out the fields. 

The fields that need filled are:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret 
  • GAC Customer ID

Org Unit Mapping

Next select the “+Add to Org Unit Path Mapping” button to start mapping your users. Use the dropdown menus to map a GAC organizational (org) unit to one corresponding FMX user type.

 Use the dropdown to indicate if the org unit is a contact or not. If you select  “user" then those accounts from GAC will be able to log in to FMX, receive emails and have permissions based on the FMX user type selected. If you select “contact” those GAC accounts will not be able to log into FMX or receive emails. Contacts appear in FMX but do not allow FMX access.

If applicable, child org units will be mapped first before parent org units are mapped. (Example: "School District/Teachers/High School" will be mapped first; the remainder of "School District/Teachers" org units will then be mapped".)

Repeat the steps above to map your users. You can come back to continue mapping users but after you map them and run the integration those users will have access to FMX. Users that are already in FMX will not be added again. Users are mapped by their email address. 

Next there is a toggle “Apply parent configuration to child org units”. When this toggle is on, all child org units will automatically inherit the same mapping configuration as their parent, unless a child org unit is separately mapped with a different configuration from its parent. When this toggle is off, all child org units will need to be individually mapped, regardless of whether they share the same configuration as the parent.

The next toggle “Keep in Sync (Accessible Buildings, User Type)” when this is toggled on, changes made to org units in GAC will be automatically reflected in the mapped user types and accessible buildings in FMX. Any changes made to mapped user types or accessible buildings in FMX while this is toggled on will be overridden by what is in GAC. So if this toggle is on building access and user type should not be changed in FMX because it will revert back to what is mapped in GAC. Click the “Next” when you are finished.

Accessible Buildings Mapping

This section is used for mapping the accessible buildings for user types mapped over to FMX.  Each GAC organizational (org) unit can be mapped to multiple accessible buildings in FMX. This mapping is ONLY for users with at least one permission set to "accessible buildings" in their FMX user type. Users who only have permissions set to "any" or "Own" will be mapped automatically and do not need to be mapped on this page. 

To Map for accessible buildings click the “+ Add to Accessible Buildings Mapping” button. Then select the “GAC org unit” you would like to map. In the “Accessible Building” field select the FMX building. For org units that have a user type with accessible buildings that need access to more than one building repeat these steps. 

*If the “Keep in Sync” toggle is switched on, if you update a user’s accessible buildings or user type in FMX it will revert back to what has been mapped at the next sync.

Field Mapping

This last section is where you can select what GAC information is mapped over to custom fields in FMX. In the “GAC URL Custom Field*” select the field you want the GAC URL to map to. If you need to create an FMX custom field you can make the field type “URL”. 

To map other fields click the “+ Add to Optional Custom Fields”.  Once you do this you can choose from GAC fields and which FMX custom field you would like to map them too. Make sure that the FMX custom fields are either text, URL or Date(only used for dates). After you have finished field mapping you can select “Finish”. Fields can be added and mapped later as well. To do this select the reconfigure button. 

**Make sure that an FMX field does not have more than one GAC field mapped to it. FMX fields can only be mapped one time.**

**See this support center article for how to add custom fields. The custom fields you create for the integration need to be a text field, URL, or date(to be used with dates only). Other FMX custom field types will not work.

To make changes to the integration or to add other fields go back to the "Integrations" tab in the admin settings. Then open up either devices or users then click the “Reconfigure” button. Then you can skip to the steps you want to update. 

Click “Finish” when you are done. If you would like the integration to not sync right away click the "Pause" button by selecting the three horizontal dots.

To set up the integration for chrome devices from GAC go to this support article


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