• How do I bulk edit data?

    • Information can be edited in bulk via the 'Bulk Update' feature for the following static data modules:

      • Buildings
      • Resources and Locations
      • Users & Contacts
      • Equipment
      • Inventory

        This feature is a user type permission and must be enabled by an administrator user.

    • Bulk actions can be completed on Request and Work Task modules, however, information on requests and work tasks cannot be edited in bulk without assistance for the FMX team. If you need to update information on requests or work tasks, please reach out to your Customer Outcome Manager for more information.

  • How do I export data to CSV, Excel, or PDF?

    • All data can be exported to CSV or PDF files. Some modules with larger data sets can be exported to Excel files as well. For more on data exporting, please view this article.

  • Can I bulk upload images?

    • At this time (2024), FMX does not offer the capability to upload images or attachments in bulk in the user interface. If you need to bulk upload image files, please reach out to your Customer Outcome Manager and we'll see if we can accommodate your request through our internal resources.

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