Our Product Development team hit the ground running in January for a strong start to 2020. We released some exciting new features for Work Requests so be sure to check them out below.

After reading this article, make sure to check out our new Product Roadmap portion in these articles for a sneak peak of what’s coming soon to FMX. And as always, we welcome your feedback - if your user experience with FMX isn’t what you hoped, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Featured updates

Add signatures to actions for Work Requests (Maintenance Requests, Technology Requests, Custom modules)

Recently we released a feature to allow you to add signatures when submitting and editing work requests, and then we made this feature configurable by Request Type. Now we’ve allowed signatures to be added when submitting or editing other actions on the request including resolutions, finalizations, assignments, and responses.



Allow work requests to be bulk approved from the grid

Users with the correct permissions can now approve work requests in bulk from the grid view. Contact the FMX Support team (support@gofmx.com) if you’re interested in adding this feature.


Email-based authentication

Organizations can now require that users use email-based authentication rather than password-based authentication for increased security.


When users attempt to log in to their site, they will be prompted to enter their email address and then FMX will confirm that they are a user on that site. FMX will then email them an authentication link (similar to if you forgot your password) and they can click it to log in. This link expires after five minutes.


Added a create endpoint for Schedule Requests to the FMX API

You can create Schedule Requests via the FMX API.


Added a link to the corresponding request in FMX when exporting iCalendar data


Links will not appear if creating a request using a Public Access/Anonymous user.

Other updates


Updated FMX’s default logos to be FMX’s new logo

We updated the default logos for each FMX site to match our new logo! Check it out here! Note that if you previously had a logo specified, that logo should be unaffected. If you’d like to specify a logo other than FMX’s logo check out this article, or contact the FMX Support Team at support@gofmx.com.


Allowed Schedule Star facility ‘End Time’ to be pulled into FMX if one is specified

When no end time is specified, FMX will fall back to the default end time configured for your integration. Contact the FMX Support team if you’re interested in adding this feature to your Schedule Star integration.

FMX’s Product Roadmap

Here are some features to look for in the next few months.

Start and stop work time

We’re hard at work on this feature which would allow users to clock in and out of work requests and planned maintenance occurrences to record their labor hours. Look for this feature in the next few weeks.

Text to work order creation

Organizations with this feature will be able to allow users to submit work orders to FMX via text message.

Email notifications to users submitting via kiosk mode/embedded work request form

Users will soon be able to request that they receive notifications for requests that they submit either through a kiosk or via form that you’ve embedded on your website or intranet.

HTML email notifications

Soon our email notifications will receive a bit of a facelift. If your email client allows for HTML emails, your email notifications will soon include your organization logo and be presented in a graphical interface.

Schedule Request update API endpoint

We recently added functionality to create and delete schedule requests via the FMX API. We will soon add the ability to update them as well.

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