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Reactive vs. Planned Maintenance

In general, maintenance falls into two categories: Reactive and Planned (preventive)

  • Reactive maintenance focuses on repairing an asset once a failure occurs. 

  • Planned maintenance, or as you might refer to as preventive maintenance, focuses on avoiding repairs and asset failure through preventive and predictive methods. 

FMX gives you the capability of creating in-the-moment Maintenance tasks, so if an asset breaks down, or one of your employees or tenants doesn't have a working air conditioning unit, then with a few clicks on your FMX site, anyone with the access to do so can make sure these issues are rectified in a quick and efficient manner!

FMX also gives you the capability of creating daily, weekly, and future planned maintenance tasks to help prevent frequent downtime of an asset!

So why is scheduling Planned Maintenance a benefit to your company?

  • Increases asset life span

  • Cost effective

  • Saves energy and resources

  • Efficient productivity

  • Reduces unplanned downtime

On your company's FMX site, you will be able to schedule as many planned maintenance tasks as you need, with as many different frequencies as you need. These tasks can be tracked through our reporting system, allowing you to stay up-to-date with your assets and their current conditions. 

Learn how to create PM tasks on your FMX site by clicking here!

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