Finalization occurs after a request has been resolved and can be used for an additional check of the work completed, to add costs to a request or update any custom fields added to the finalization phase. When finalization is turned on requests will remain with the status "Pending Finalization" after they have been resolved until they are finalized. 

How to Turn on Finalization

For requests to go to the finalization phase this first must be turned on in the building. Go to the buildings section in your FMX site. Then select the "Edit" button of building you would like to update. Then check the box for "Requires Finalization" and click "Save".

Repeat this process for the other buildings in your FMX site. Only requests that are for the buildings where this box is checked will go to the finalization phase. To update this setting in bulk go to the support center article "Bulk Update Buildings".

Next navigate to your user’s user type settings. The user type settings can be found in the Admin Settings. Then select the edit icon of the user type you would like to update. 

Next navigate to the "Maintenance Request Access" portion of your user type settings and expand the menu. Scroll down to the “Finalize” permission and select either "Own", "Accessible Buildings", or "Any" to turn on the feature. Once you have selected the option you would like then go to the bottom of the settings and select "Save".

Once you do this any requests created for that building after the update is made will go to the finalization phase after resolution. These requests will remain in that status until they are finalized. Users with access to this permission can select "Finalize" button to finalize the request. 

Users who have access to both "Resolve" and "Finalize" can do both at the same time by selecting the "Resolve & Finalize" button.

To do this in bulk go to the Bulk Finalize Maintenance Requests support center article.


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