Inventory Images

Users can now add images to their inventory items that will show up when requesting or apply inventory to a request. 

How it works?

Each inventory item can have it's own image that will appear when searching for an item to request or apply to a request. The search will look for the name of the item, the SKU, or the inventory type. 





The images can be displayed in the inventory grid view as well by applying the image column to the grid in the settings. 


When applying inventory to a request by resolving or responding the image search will be used as well. 


Images can be added to existing inventory items or when the item is created. When creating a new inventory item go the inventory module.  Click the "Add inventory" button in upper right or the page. Once you have done that fill out the fields for the inventory item. To add the image click the "Image" attachment field. This will bring up the files on your computer for you to select the image you would like. Once everything is added and filled out click save. The image will now appear in the inventory searches.  When editing an item add an image in the "image" attachment field. 



There is also an option to bulk add images to the inventory item. 


Bulk Add Inventory Images

To bulk add inventory images you will need to reach out to your primary contact at FMX. A member of our team will be able to turn on the bulk inventory image tool. 

Once the tool has been turned on you will be able to upload images in bulk to your inventory items in FMX. To use the tool click the "Bulk Inventory Upload Tool".

Next click the paper clip icon on the file upload field. Once you do this you can select a file or files from your computer. 



Once your files have been uploaded FMX will look for inventory items that have same name as the name of the file. Then it will match those items. You can add other items or change the ones that it matches to. Or if the file name is different you can still apply it to an inventory item.  To change or add items the image will be applied to click the "Inventory Item Match" drop down. From here you can add or remove items. You can do this for up to 100 inventory items at a time.  To complete the upload select the "Update inventory records" button. 





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