Allow users to register for their own account

One of the steps in setting up your FMX account is deciding who you will allow to use it. Based on your organization, you may allow anyone to access your account to submit a request or you may limit access to internal users only.

If you would like requesting users (ex. Tenants, Community Members) to be able to access your FMX account without having to add them, you can allow account registration for your organization. You will have to turn this on and configure the initial user type access.  Follow the steps below to turn this on for your organization:

  1. Click Admin Settings in the left sidebar.
  2. Under the General tab find the Account Registration section.                                   mceclip1.png
  3. Where it says Account registration check the radio button to Allow a new user to register their own account at and Select the Initial user type access. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

When a user has their own account in FMX they can:

  • Submit requests (maintenance, technology, custom work request modules, scheduling and transportation - depending on the user type access) and track the status of their request.
  • Add comments to their request.
  • Update their user profile and add additional contact information.
  • Admin user types can send the user an estimate and/or invoice (for scheduling only). 

Allowing unregistered users to submit requests

You can allow users to submit maintenance, technology, and custom work requests without requiring them to register and log in. Click here to learn more about receiving maintenance, technology, and custom work requests from unregistered users. 

Invite Users to Your FMX Site

You can invite users to join your FMX site. Click here to learn more.


Note: Your organization can do all three options.

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