Copy Buildings, Users, Resources and Planned Maintenance Tasks

We’ve recently added the ability to copy Buildings, Users, and Planned Maintenance tasks!

Copy an Attachment Along with a Request

When you copy a request that has an attachment, the attachment will copy over with it as well to the new request!

Copying Purchase Orders

Are you submitting the same Purchase Order each month for new supplies? Well, now you can save time by copying your Purchase orders! Select the three vertical dots at the top right of your grid view and click “copy”.

Added Request Types for Planned Maintenance Tasks and Purchase Orders

Have you ever wanted to categorize your PM tasks or Purchase Orders by request types? Now you can by setting request types for these modules in “Request Types” tab of the Organization Settings!

Selecting columns to appear on the occurrences grid in Planned Maintenance

The ability to select what columns you would like to appear on your “Occurrences” grid in your Planned Maintenance Module is now available! You can do this by clicking “Settings” at the top right of your tasks and choose the boxes for which filed you would like to appear.

Bulk Importing Data

We’ve recently released the ability for you to bulk import your Work Requests, Planned Maintenance Requests, and Schedule Request data. This can be set up at the user type level in each module! Click here for more information on bulk importing data into your site.

Export up to 500 PDF records

We have now updated the grid PDF exports to 500 records. This will be helpful to reduce slow low time!

Ability to click buildings in a Transportation Request

You can now easily click the building within your Transportation Request! This will directly navigate you to the building’s detailed information and operating hours.

Attachment support and Schedule Request Occurrence endpoint added for API

You can now utilize the FMX API to read attachments and schedule request occurrences. This will allow your organization to build custom connections to perform a variety of functions including:

  • Pull key FMX data into business intelligence software to create reports and dashboards
  • And much more!

To access FMX API documentation, navigate to

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