Take a look at new features released between April - June 2022, including a To-Do List view, added barcode scanning, two new Schedule Request features, and more. Let's get started!


NOTE: If you are missing any of the below capabilities or are interested in upgrading your features, let your Account Manager know.


To-Do List


With the new To-Do list, each user can see a curated list of all requests, events, and tasks assigned to them. This list updates automatically as new work gets added, edited, or removed and works great as a list of daily assignments.


How to set it up:

To-Do List is a FREE feature for our entire customer base. If you do not have it currently enabled, please reach out to your Account Manager.



FMX can work with your existing barcodes through the use of a Barcode Scanner. This is great for quickly searching for an equipment serial number, inventory SKU, or user ID number. It's also a great way to quickly add these items or individuals to a request.


You can also add barcodes through the bulk import template by scanning each item, one after the other, or pull them directly from your current system.


How to set it up:

  1. Plug in a barcode scanner into your computer, and follow any setup instructions included with the scanner.
  2. Click on any text field within FMX
  3. Name Fields
  4. Custom Fields (Text Only)
  5. Search Fields
  6. Press the button on your scanner, and the barcode number will appear


NOTE: We recommend adding your barcode number directly to the name field in order to get the most uses of a barcode.



Reservation Finder

A new feature has been released that improves schedule requests by allowing users to see a full list of schedulable resources and locations and filter this list to only those available for their given date, time, and occupancy.


It allows users to see photos, floor plans, addresses, rental rates, and more. Then when they find what they are looking for, a button takes them directly to a schedule request form, partially filled with many of the details from their search.


How to set it up:

Reservation Finder must be enabled and configured by your Account Manager. Reach out to them directly, or fill out a form to get in touch.


Schedule Request Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys can now be added to schedule requests, in addition to work requests. Once enabled, these surveys will send 24 hours after an event is completed asking for the overall satisfaction rating of the reservation.


How to set it up:

Satisfaction Surveys must be enabled and configured by your Account Manager. Reach out to them directly, or fill out a form to get in touch.


Inventory Type Permissions

Inventory types can now be restricted by user type when requesting inventory. So if you want to setup an inventory request form for your staff, and only want them to see office supplies, you can limit the staff's access to only this type, and it will limit what appears within the request form.


How to set it up (method 1):

  1. Go into "Admin Settings"
  2. Select "Inventory Types"
  3. Choose an inventory type and click "Edit"
  4. Navigate to the field titled, "Requesting user types"
  5. Add or remove user types as necessary
  6. Click "Save"

How to set it up (method 2):

  1. Go into "Admin Settings"
  2. Select "User Types"
  3. Choose a user type and click "Edit"
  4. Open the "Inventory Access" category
  5. Navigate to the field titled, "Requestable user types"
  6. Add or remove inventory types as necessary
  7. Click "Save"

Added Audit Logs

Audit logs are a great way to see change histories on a particular record, request, or task.


The following areas in FMX now contain an Audit Log:

  • Recurring Tasks Modules (Such as Planned Maintenance)
  • Instruction Sets
  • Schedule Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Transportation Requests
  • Buildings
  • Resources & Locations
  • Users & Contacts
  • User Types

How to access it:

  1. Navigate to the record, request, or task you would like to view
  2. Click on the "More" button
  3. Click "Audit Log" from the dropdown


NOTE: Ensure the user has permission to view audit logs from Admin Settings > User Types.


Undelete Work Requests

Finally, work requests, such as maintenance requests, that have been deleted can now be undeleted. So if something was deleted by accident, or you need to reinstate a request, you can do so.


How to access it:

  1. Open a work request module
  2. Filter for "deleted" requests
  3. Open a request
  4. Click the button titled "Undelete"

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