1. Add an application for FMX within OneLogin as there may not be one already preconfigured:mceclip0.png


2. Edit display name section to reference FMX and hit save in top right corner:

3. Click on configurations within the top left of the FMX application you just created. You should be directed to this screen shown below:


Relaystate: this information is gathered by going to the your FMX site https://hostname.gofmx.com/, right clicking on your single sign-on button, choosing "copy link address" and pasting the details in a notepad. Once pasted in a notepad you may want to word-wrap the information for better visibility. Here, look for any details after "RelayState=" as shown in bottom example. That key should be placed in the relaystate section within your OneLogin configuration line as shown above.


Audience: https://hostname.gofmx.com/
ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: ^https:/\/\hostname\.gofmx\.com/\login/\saml2/\callback$
ACS (Consumer) URL: https://hostname.gofmx.com/login/saml2/callback

Once configured, you will need to provide your FMX Customer Success Manager with your metadata. This can be retrieved by going to the SSO option on the left within the FMX connector created in OneLogin and providing what is showing in the Issuer URL:


Please note that in order to grant access to FMX using OneLogin SSO users must be assigned. You can add users by clicking on the users tab within OneLogin as shown here:

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