There are many different types of 'Work Requests' that are utilized by FMX sites. The most common of these are ones like 'Maintenance Requests' and 'Technology Requests' but many organizations use work request modules like: Key Requests, HR Requests, Custodial Requests, and many others. 


Each custom module follows a similar framework and thus, the assignment process is identical excluding any custom fields.

To assign a custom work request, please follow the instructions below.

During the request creation process

1. You may assign a request to a user associated with the selected building from the Assigned to drop-down list on the request creation form.

Assigning a request after creation

1. To retroactively assign a request, find the request you wish to assign (on the calendar or in the requests grid accessed via the left sidebar), and then click the Assign icon.

From the calendar

From the grid view

2. Select which user(s) to assign the request to. Then, fill out any relevant fields such as 'Is outsourced' or 'Equipment'. 

3. Click the Assign button and the assigned user(s) will receive an email indicating that they have been assigned to the request.

Reassigning a Request

You will have the ability to 'Reassign' a request after it has been assigned. To do so, follow the same process outlined above, this time replacing the original assigned user with the new assigned user.

Then, click the 'Reassign' button after choosing new assigned users. 

Note: If the user has not activated their account or if their user type does not have "can be assigned" permissions, they will not appear on the "assign to" drop down list.

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