Our development team has been busy working on new features and functionality to bring you a better FMX experience this new year! From ensuring email notifications are formatted for inbox readability, to creating a handy banner that displays daily work due for your team, we have enhanced our CMMS with your organization in mind. Start 2021 strong by learning more about our development updates, and get the most out of your FMX experience!


Featured updates

Work request email support

We've formatted emails in HTML so email providers can support content. 


Labor Tracking

We've added a banner that displays work due for the day (any work request or planned maintenance). This feature is available for anyone that can be assigned to a work request or planned maintenance, and has not recorded any work against it.




Other updates



Users can now search for exact matches by surrounding a search expression with double quotes (e.g. "AHU 1" will pull up only results that exactly match an entire field value)

Users are now able to search with a prefix match by using double quotes and an asterisk (e.g. "AHU *" will pull up any results that start with "AHU")


We've added a clearer error message when scanning QR codes on unsupported browsers from iOS devices.


Users now have access to more downtime data on their dashboards.

Purchase Orders

We've improved the formatting of emails by supporting HTML.

User Restrictions

An additional setting was developed to restrict users' ability to administer admin users.

Buildings & Resources

We've prevented the viewing and editing of some settings unless a user can administer the organization.


Work requests

Button addition 

We've added a button to the info alert that appears below the request type dropdown that will populate the auto-assigned users in the assignment fieldset. This will remove all previously assigned users upon saving.

Email notification HTML formatting

We've allowed HTML formatting from read-only fields to be displayed in HTML email notifications (e.g. if a read-only field is formatted bold and red in an FMX form, it will also be bold and red in the HTML email notification).

Export custom fields

Added assignment custom fields to the Excel export.

Invoice attachment migration

Migrated the existing built-in "Invoice Attachments" field to a custom field for maintenance and project requests.


Email request compatibility

Improved email request compatibility for users of Apple Mail and ServiceNow.

Consent to receive email notifications

We've allowed users submitting requests via kiosk mode to consent to receive email notifications. Users will receive the same notifications that an Unregistered user will receive.




Transportation requests

Custom fields

Allowed custom fields to be added to the approval stage.

Email formatting

Improved formatting of email (HTML elements).



Minimum quantity notifications

Began sending low quantity notifications when inventory is created with a quantity below the minimum quantity and when the inventory details page is edited so that the quantity falls below the minimum quantity.


Planned maintenance requests 

Email formatting

Improved formatting of email (HTML elements).



Schedule request update

Fixed schedule request update endpoint server error when frequency or resource is not specified.

Transportation request update

Fixed transportation request update not showing conflict errors.

Transportation request server error

Fixed transportation request server error when creating or updating request using the default name.

Transportation request cancel endpoint 

Added transportation request cancel endpoint.


Schedule request cancel endpoint 

Added schedule request cancel endpoint.


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