To kick off the summer, our development team has released quite a few updates so far! As you prepare to re-open your facilities, we focused on releasing updates that enhance your quality of life within FMX. You can now add followers to a request via email, as well as auto-assign entire user types to a request, instead of needing to add individual users. These updates will help make you more efficient, and your processes should flow more seamlessly.

After reading this article, make sure to check out our new Product Roadmap portion in these articles for a sneak peek of what’s coming soon to FMX. And as always, we welcome your feedback and questions - please email us at


Featured Updates

Bulk Delete

We've added the ability to bulk delete work requests within FMX. This allows excess requests to be deleted quickly, and with fewer clicks, rather than deleting each one individually.


Auto-assign entire user types to work requests

Users can now auto-assign work requests to all applicable users of a user type in addition to individual users. This will allow for users of the same user type to all be assigned, rather than individually added to a work request. Note: All users of that type that have access to that building or access to be assigned to all work requests, will be auto-assigned. 



Other Updates


Add Followers via Email

Users now have the ability to add a follower to a request by cc’ing them on an email. This will provide more flexibility for email responses and email requests. *Note: Only registered users may be added as followers, and only users who have the permissions to be a follower may be added.


Work Requests

Updated Users That Can Be @Mentioned on a Response

You may now tag, or mention, any user who is: the requesting user, “on behalf of” user, editing user, assigned user, and followers, when responding to a request.





This now displays the total duration of downtime, which replaced the “Calculated After Saving” field that we used as a placeholder.



Bulk Imports

Adjustments to Deleting Bulk Imports

When deleting a bulk import, we allowed records to be deleted gradually, and all records that can be deleted are deleted, and only those that have been associated with other records in the system will remain. These records are displayed in a banner message.


Formula Custom Fields

Control which fields are displayed in a form and generate values to other fields according to which building is selected

This allows a building to be a variable within a custom formula field, such as a visibility or value field. See our Support Center article to learn more about Formula Custom Fields.


FMX’s Product Roadmap

Here are some features to look for in the next few months.

Improved search experience

FMX will now highlight and rank search results on module grids.

Improved invoicing for schedule requests

We’re hard at work on an invoicing module that will allow you to invoice multiple but not all Schedule Request occurrences and multiple schedule requests at once, enabling you to invoice monthly or on whatever basis you choose.

Text to work order creation

Organizations with this feature will be able to allow users to submit work orders to FMX via text message.

Email notifications to users submitting via kiosk mode/embedded work request form

Users will soon be able to request that they receive notifications for requests that they submit either through a kiosk or via form that you’ve embedded on your website or intranet.

HTML email notifications

Soon our email notifications will receive a bit of a facelift. If your email client allows for HTML emails, your email notifications will soon include your organization logo and will be presented in a graphical interface.

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