Our development team has been working hard to continue releasing updates and enhancements during this pandemic. One of the many things we have accomplished was creating additional databases to improve our customer's experience. If you've noticed your FMX site performing at a higher level than before, that's why!

If you have any questions after reading this article make sure to check out our new Product Roadmap portion in these articles for a sneak peek of what’s coming soon to FMX. And as always, we welcome your feedback and questions - please email us at support@gofmx.com.


Featured Updates

Multi-database support

This update allows for a faster user experience within our site. Pages will load faster, filters will sort quicker, and the overall performance of our site will be crisper.

Schedule Requests

Enable bulk cancellations of requests and occurrences from the grid. This allows organizations to quickly remove items in bulk in case of emergencies:


Should you need to quickly find these occurrences now or in the future, you can filter for “bulk canceled in the status drop-down of your grid filter:



Integrated with the rSchoolToday iCalendar feed

This integration allows for organizations using RSchoolToday for Calendar Events to link the two calendar feeds together, allowing for events exist on both FMX calendars and RSchool calendars, keeping events in sync.


Other Updates

Planned Maintenance

Bulk delete Planned Maintenance Tasks

Users can also now bulk delete Planned Maintenance tasks and occurrences, which is very useful during shutdown periods:


To learn more about this feature, click here!


Schedule Requests

Receive reminders for requests pending your immediate approval

You can now enable reminders for Schedule Requests that need your immediate approval:


Send notifications after a response is created

Users can configure their sites to receive notifications after responses to a schedule request:


Enabled door lock/unlock configuration to an absolute time

This allows users to set specific lock and unlock times, instead of pre-configured times.

Enabled door lock/unlocking as a required field if entrances are selected

*Contact your Account Manager to gain access to this feature.


Work Requests

Added a permission to allow users to view and set costs

This allows users to see and set the costs without having access to the invoice attachments field:



Allowed inventory (and other lists) to be sorted alphanumerically on the resolution

This allows for more configurations for your inventory lists. These can now be sorted in the order they've been entered, as well as alphabetically and numerically.


Purchase Orders

Added shipment receipt custom fields to email notifications

This allows users to receive notifications when a shipment has been received.


Request Types

Added the ability to search for, and reinstate deleted request types




Added the ability to remove user access for standard dashboards

This gives organizations more control over which reports any given user can have access to:




Grouped filters by logical groups rather than alphabetically

The filters are no longer alphabetical, but they are based on usage. Note: previously, you’d see Accessibility, Assigned to, Building, etc. This improves the user experience:



Allowed for the "My Logs" page to be set as a home page option

Now users can modify their homepage, or starting page, by selecting "My Logs":



Added a progress indicator for the filter

This is located on the filter option of any page, indicating that the filter is loading the results in order to let the user know the filter is being applied and results will arrive shortly:



Added buildings as a data point for custom field formulas for schedule requests, transportation requests, and purchase order

This allows users to build custom fields that can reference the building field in value and visibility formula fields. This gives further customization of these fields for the schedule, transportation, and purchase order modules.


FMX’s Product Roadmap

Here are some features to look for in the next few months.

Bulk assignment, reassignment, and deletions for work requests

These actions will join our bulk approval and bulk resolution actions for work requests.

Text to work order creation

Organizations with this feature will be able to allow users to submit work orders to FMX via text message.

Email notifications to users submitting via kiosk mode/embedded work request form

Users will soon be able to request that they receive notifications for requests that they submit either through a kiosk or via form that you’ve embedded on your website or intranet.

HTML email notifications

Soon our email notifications will receive a bit of a facelift. If your email client allows for HTML emails, your email notifications will soon include your organization logo and will be presented in a graphical interface.

Schedule Request update API endpoint

We recently added functionality to create and delete schedule requests via the FMX API. We will soon add the ability to update them as well.

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