Below you will find some common uses for the Technology Module, and how to set them up.

Common Request Types that you will find in your Technology module:

  • A/V requests
  • Equipment requests
  • Hardware
  • Internet Connectivity Issue
  • Password Reset
  • Printer Issues
  • Software Unblock
  • Website Virus/Malware

Adding a New Request Type

1. Start in Admin Settings and select the "Request Types" tab towards the top of your screen. Click "Add request type" in the top right corner of the page.

2. Complete the required fields on the form, along with any additional information you'd like to include here. Click Save once finished to confirm.

Note: Make sure to give access to the User Types that you would like to be able to submit this type of request. This can be done in the "Allowed User Types" section of the form. Only the Users with those User Types indicated here will be able to access this request type. 

Turning on User Type Access for this Module

1. Starting in Admin Settings, select the "User Types" tab towards the top of your screen. Find the User type that you would like to give access to the Technology Module, and click the Edit button.

Scroll down and click "Technology Request Access" to open these settings. Complete the fields according to how much access you would like to give this User Type. Click Save to confirm changes.

Click here to learn how to set up notifications for this module.

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