Updated conflict detection to include parent child resource relationships

If an event has a child resource scheduled, FMX will flag an event (at a conflicting time) that has scheduled the parent resource of that child as a conflict.

Likewise if a parent resource is a scheduled, then FMX will flag an event (at a conflicting time) that has scheduled the child resource of that parent as a conflict. This includes resources with quantities.



Conflict Tag for Events

You will now see a "Conflict" tag on the event details page or calendar modal if there is a conflict with an event



Cross Hatch Pattern for Conflicting Events

You will now see a cross hatch pattern for conflicting events on your calendar for easy detection



Integrated with rSchoolToday

Schools using rSchoolToday for their athletic schedules can now integrate their data with FMX's Schedule Request Module


"Select all" option for resource field

This allows users to quickly select all resources when entering a schedule request. Admins are able to manage who can auto-select all resources by editing user type settings.



Editing Invoices

Users can now edit an invoice if the only payments made so far were made against the initial estimate invoice

Initial invoices are submitted with the estimate.



State Change Messages Can Be Sent to Slack

If your organization uses Slack to communicate internally, you can now receive Slack messages anytime the state of a request is updated


Mentioning Users in Responses

We have added the ability for you to mention other users in responses by using the @ symbol and then selecting their name from the list

This list displays anyone who has permission to follow the request




Removed redundant and partial execution functionality, it's superseded by partial completion functionality

Previously, you could partially execute PM tasks with instruction sets if not all of the steps had been completed; however, this partial execution functionality would not allow you to execute if the *required fields had not been filled out.

Thus, we introduced "Save" a while back to allow for users to partially execute without filling out required fields. Now, we removed the initial partial execution functionality because it is redundant with the "save" functionality. In order to execute, all steps must be completed and all required fields filled out.



Improved styling consistency for top bar buttons and side navigation buttons

This refers to the more rounded buttons at the top of the UI


Expanded Markdown formatting support to allow for tables

Users can now create tables via custom fields




iCalendar export with multiple description fields

We now allow for organizations to have more than one field named "description" and still allow the iCal feed to populate. FMX will pick which "description" field to show at random. 



Undelete Buildings

Added "deleted" grid filter and the ability to undelete buildings





Remove Logos

Logos can now be removed by navigating to Admin Settings > General > Global Settings 




Remove User Photos

User photos can now be removed by navigating to a user's Account Settings




Supported signing certificate rollover for SAML2 protocol


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