User interface

We updated the FMX user interface, making side navigation fixed and collapsible, and created a fixed header

Collapsible and fixed side navigation:


Fixed Header:

(The header at the top will remain visible, even when scrolling to the bottom of the page)



Drag and drop attachments 

Users can now add an attachment to any request by dragging and dropping it into the attachment field

Resource type filter options

Users now have the ability to toggle the resource type from "Any" or "All" when using the filter option



Copy and paste screenshots

Users can now copy and paste screenshots into the attachment fields for all requests



Added "Is assigned to me" email notification

Users can now receive email notifications when they are assigned to any piece of equipment



Added "Has an updated log" email notification

Users can now receive email notifications when when a piece of equipment is modified




In-app notification

Users can now see their notifications from their calendar view. These are the same notifications that are sent via email, based on a user's email notification preferences


For more information on this feature, please see our learning center article



Added "Is reopened" email notification 

Users can now receive email notifications when request is reopened



Redirect outdated request links to its corresponding module

This means that if you switch modules for a request, then the link to the request in the previous module will redirect to the request in the new module. 

You will receive a notification like this:




Improved upload experience for the account registration page

Users now have easier access to add attachments to an attachment field by either dragging and dropping a document, or by copying and pasting an image



Added "Is pending resource" email notification 

Users can now receive email notifications when a request is pending a resource



If you have questions, or need assistance setting up one of these features, please contact our Support Team at


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