FMX offers the ability to set up auto calculated fees for schedule requests based on individual resources within your site!

With this feature, you can create individual fees for your Resources, based on specific Scheduling Rate Types.

Scheduling rate types need to be turned on by FMX Support. From there, the rates can be set by a site administrator. Please reach out to your Account Manager or FMX Support ( if you'd like scheduling rate types enabled. 

Creating and Assigning Scheduling Rate Types

You can create Scheduling Rate Types in your Admin Settings under General Schedule Request Settings:

scheduling rate types

Once created, you can assign the different scheduling rates based on each schedulable Resource in your site. A scheduling rate can be added to each schedulable Resource under the Resources & Locations tab on the left sidebar of your screen. Once there, scroll down to Scheduling Rates:

You can then choose which Scheduling Rate Type is assigned to individual User Types. To do this, select a User Type by navigating to Admin Settings > User Types (choose User Type) > Schedule Request Access. Scroll down until you see Scheduling rate type:

admin settings user type settings

scheduling rate type user type settings

Once these have been set up in your site, Users will be able to see the estimated fee, based on their User Type, prior to submitting their Request:

estimated fee

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