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September 2018 Updates

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New Filter Options

With FMX’s new calendar and grid view filtering options, you can more conveniently, and in a more organized fashion, find exactly what you are looking for!

These new filtering options include:

A singular form that organizes all filters in one place:

Drop down menu options for easy selection:

Multiple date range options:

New Date Range Filtering Options by Module:

  • Work Requests: Can now filter grid by due date, scheduled time, opened date, and resolved date
  • Planned Maintenance Tasks Can now filter grid by due date and resolved date
  • Schedule Requests: Can now filter grid by opened date, invoice date, and payment date
  • Transportation Requests: Can now filter grid by opened date, and finalized date
  • Purchase Orders: Can now filter grid by due date, opened date, and estimated delivery date

And a more accessible Custom Field selection:

Decluttered Calendar

In addition to the new filters, FMX has also released an updated calendar view that reduces clutter, making it even easier for you to see your day-to-day requests!

This feature gives you a cleaner and more organized view of all requests by collapsing calendar cells containing more than three requests per day:

declutter calendar

For more information on the Declutter feature, please see our Learning Center article!

Resource View

We’ve also made it possible for you to conveniently see all of your available and reserved resources within each of your buildings, making scheduling easier than ever!

This new Resource View can be found in the top right corner of your calendar. Just select Resources from the drop down menu:

Resource View

For more information on the Resource View feature, please see our Learning Center article!

Embed Calendar as iframe

Resources now appear on your embedded FMX calendar

Schedule Requests

You can now filter grid by created date, event date, invoice date, and payment date

schedule request filters

Payments can now be edited:

edit payment

Added a permission to make reason for cancellation required:

require cancellation schedule request

Added email subscription "Has a payment added" to receive notifications when a payment is added or modified on any request

Has payment added email notification

Planned Maintenance

You can now Edit and Delete a response to a PM task

edit response to PM task

Transportation Requests

You can now Edit and Delete a response to a Transportation request

edit response to transportation request

User Type Settings

"Show private events as busy" is now a User Type setting as opposed to a Global setting

Show private events as busy

Custom Field Settings

Want to be able to track depreciation of an asset over its lifespan or have a way to automatically determine priority level for work requests? These options and MORE are now available with our new Formula Custom Fields feature. For more information on this, contact your Customer Success Manager today!

For questions regarding these new updates, please contact our Customer Success Team at

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