In-app notifications make it even easier for users to see all of their activity in FMX!

The in-app notifications are triggered for requests which you are assigned to, you follow, you created, or were created on your behalf.

*Making updates to a user type's notification settings may change which in-app notifications the user will receive.

*Changing user type notification settings requires administrative access.

Depending on a user's settings, in-app notifications can include:

  • When a request is created, deleted, and canceled
  • When a request is pending approval
  • When a request is approved/declined
  • When someone responds to a request
  • When a request is resolved
  • When a request is upcoming or overdue
  • When a request is edited

To view your in-app notifications, click on the bell icon under your name on the left side of your screen. The bell icon will have a red circle when there is a new notification; otherwise, it'll be gray with no circle.

You can view these notifications from your calendar view, or from the "view all" window:



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