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How to Create Parent-Child Equipment Items

Some equipment items usually need to be grouped together or bought as a set. Therefore, users can utilize the Parent-Child equipment feature to make sure all the related equipment items can be easily located within an organization's FMX site. Below are the instructions on how to create parent-child equipment items.

1. Navigate to the Equipment module on the left sidebar. Select "Add Equipment".

2. Create the Parent equipment, for example, PC 001. Click Save.

3. Repeat Step 1 and create the Child equipment. It is important that the Type, Building and Location fields match the Parent equipment. Under the Parent equipment field, select PC 001, and click Save.

Now, the Child equipment item will be located below the Parent equipment in the Equipment list as shown in the image below.

It will also be shown as parent-child equipment item under the Equipment field in each module.


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