Custom Fields

Merged sortable into show on grid setting

Checking ‘can search values’ in your custom field now turns on the access to both search and sort on the grid view.

Planned Maintenance

Added location to grid and CSV

You can now sort by the location of a planned maintenance task on your grid view, and in an CSV export, by checking off the location field in the settings column.

Made notifications update with a changed due date

You will be notified when a due date has been changed, per the ‘has been updated’ setting for your email preferences.


Automated email confirmation

When you add a new user in your site, they no longer are required to confirm their email prior to using FMX.

Added email subscription "Is created with me as a follower" for a user to receive notifications when someone creates a request and adds them as a follower

Users can now choose to receive notifications for when they are added as a follower to a request.

Purchase Orders

Added 'discount' field

A discount field has been added for your convenience to purchase order requests.

Admin settings

Added schedule request organization setting to show private requests as "Busy" for users without read access

Private events can now show up on the calendar as “Busy” without detailing any information of the event.

Added user colors settings

You can now have your calendar color coded by giving each individual user a specific color; making it easier to differentiate from one user’s request to the next.

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