Request followers and finalization custom fields were added to the work request grid view.

Removed the confirmation step for request creation via email.

Users no longer have to confirm their request when sent in via email.




Added a 'Custom Nav Links' section, allowing administrators to create, update, and delete custom links appearing on the left navigation menu.



Added notification for the editing of estimates and for the editing of invoices.

You can now choose to be notified when your estimate or invoice has been updated.

Invoices can now be edited.

With the correct user type access, invoices can now be edited.


Added request type to grid views.

The request type of the schedule request will now appear on your grid view.



Attachments will begin uploading as soon as they are selected. Added the capability to select multiple files to attach (in browsers that support multiple file uploads).

You now have the capability to select multiple files when uploading attachments; they will also begin uploading as soon as they are selected.


Added email and phone numbers to the User & Contacts grid view.


Allowed assigning people to items as a way of granting read, update, and delete access for users with 'Own' equipment permissions.

When you now assign someone to a piece of equipment, this now will turn on the access for them to read, updated, and delete their own equipment pieces.

Added 'Model number' and 'Serial number' as default custom fields.

Equipment log and planned maintenance task have been added as options to the "New" button under a piece of equipment.

Description has been added as a column to the log grid.


Added a task followers field, a 'last executed' field, and an 'overdue occurrences' field to the task grid and task details.

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