Although all services within FMX can be done on your computer, tablet or smartphone, users also have the ability to print work requests as well! 

1. To print work requests, log into your FMX site and locate the request you wish to print.

2. Users can print requests from the grid menu, as well as from the actual request.

  • To print from the grid menu, click the three vertical dots to the far right of the request to access the print options:

  • To print from the actual request, open the request and click the More icon to the far right to access the print options:


Choose which print option you would like, Print Timeline or Print Work Ticket:

  • Print Timeline - Timeline and other actions performed on the particular request will be included in the work ticket
  • Print Work Ticket - Will only print information provided in the Details, Assigned Workers and Resolution fields

4. Once selected, click Print and you will now have a paper copy of the request! 

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