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QR Codes (General Information)

QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows encoding up to a few hundred characters. Today's smartphones and tablets are able to read and decode them exceptionally fast, and thus FMX is utilizing QR codes for some of our modules!  

The FMX QR codes feature is available for the Inventory, Equipment and Resources & Locations modules. To activate, navigate to the desired module, go to Settings, and select the checkbox for Barcode:

QR codes are automatically generated whenever any items within these three modules is added into FMX, both manually or through bulk import. This QR code feature will link users to the details of the equipment items, inventory items or resources and locations without the need for them to search for it on their site. 

Here are some ways the FMX QR codes feature can be utilized to simplify your job process: 

  • Allows users to easily scan inventory in and out
  • Allows users to easily submit a work request for a specific equipment item
  • Gives users the ability to look at logs of requests for a particular location

These tasks can be performed by simply scanning the QR codes with a QR Scanner or, even better, with your smartphone! 

Example: Sarah needs to submit work a request for one of the fog machines in the event venue she manages. She can simply scan the QR code attached to the fog machine and it will take her to the page shown below. 

Next, select "+ New Request", and she will be automatically directed to the Request module that is attached to the Equipment item: 

To learn how to print the QR codes, click here!


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