When a user is deleted in FMX, they (as well as their information, i.e. email address) technically never leave the system. They will remain in the organization's FMX site as a "deleted" user, and therefore, their email address is still technically associated with that FMX site. This is why a customer cannot add a user to their site using the same email address of someone who has been previously deleted.

You have two options here:

1. If trying to add the same user that has been previously deleted, just reinstate them (top right corner of window):

2) If you're trying to add a new user, different from the deleted user, but with the same already registered email address, then follow these steps:

a) Reinstate the deleted user

b) Convert them to a contact (top right corner of window):


c) Delete their email address associated with their name and make sure to click Save:

d) Delete the user again (top right corner of window):

This way, they are deleted in the system, but now without an email address attached to their name! 

For a more in-depth look at how to reset your password, watch this short tutorial video!

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