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Equipment vs. Inventory and Resources: What's the Difference?

Most organizations that use a CMMS such as FMX tend to closely track Equipment, as well as Inventory and Resources when running their day to day operations. However, many people still find it a bit challenging to decipher between the three. 



Equipment, or as some might call, Assets, are items that an organization would like to track carefully. They are items that help an organization carry out daily tasks, such as maintaining their facilities, as well produce income for an organization. Equipment items can consist of water heaters, air conditioning units, refrigerators, tractors, vehicles, and many more. 


Inventory, on the other hand, includes items that are used once or last only a short amount of time; these can also be referred to as consumables. These items do not need to be tracked closely like equipment, but knowing the quantity on hand is valuable to an organization so that they can be reordered when necessary. Examples of inventory items include office supplies such as paper, pens, and markers, perishables of any kind, and items that are used only once, such as bandages or disposable air filters. Not all organizations need to track consumables; however, the inventory tracking option through FMX is there if you should need it! Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more!


Often confused with equipment, Resources differ in that they are typically items or locations inside or outside of an organization's building(s) that can be scheduled, as well as serve as a housing unit for particular equipment items. For example, a resource can be the conference room on the first floor (also a resource) of a building within an organization. This conference room is a resource and a location that can be scheduled for meetings, and the chairs within this room are also resources (however, not a location) that can also be scheduled for use. Other examples of resources are tables, storage rooms, operating rooms, offices, classrooms, laptop carts, projectors, courtyards, gymnasiums, and many more.

Clarifying different resources within an organization's facilities helps provide more details when creating schedule requests, maintenance requests, transportation pick up locations, as well as equipment item locations. 


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