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FMX is intuitive and easy to use with little to no learning curve, but still has all of the bells and whistles you need to keep your facilities running smoothly. Find out if we're a good fit!


Investing in facilities management (FM) software isn’t a decision you make overnight. Our Facilities Management Software Buyer’s Guide will walk you through the FM software evaluation process and arm you with the information you need to purchase the best FM software solution for your company.


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Choosing one FM software system for your facilities is difficult when there are so many different solutions out there. To help narrow down your search options, we've developed an easy-to-use Evaluation Matrix that highlights elements most facility managers look for in a FM Software. This optimized Excel spreadsheet will help you organize your research and keep your needs at the forefront, so you can be confident in your final decision.


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K-12 Schools

Our K-12 customers have seen significant improvements with their facilities since implementing FMX. Between dropping utility expenses dramatically and reducing work order response time, it's safe to say FMX has been the perfect solution for a great deal of schools. Find out what your school can achieve with FMX in our infographic: 
Our religious organizations continue to use FMX to improve their facilities management processes. While some have seen their work order response time decrease from 3-5 days to less than a day, others have improved the efficiency of their scheduling process by 75%. Discover other ways FMX can improve your processes by checking out our infographic:

Property Management

Property Managers gain many benefits from using our software, such as an increase in the number of properties operated without hiring additional staff and the reduction of operational downtime. Check out our infographic to find out all the other ways FMX can improve your processes and save you time and money:

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