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What matters most to us at FMX is knowing our customers receive tremendous value from our product. Because in the end, it’s what our customers think about FMX and the results we provide for them that really sets us apart.


A 62% customer growth rate, a 99.9% average up time, and over 1,350,000 new work orders tracked, oh my! FMX had a successful year in 2017 and plans to keep 'em coming!

Check out the rest of our statistics from 2017 in our infographic:



Our team is excited to announce that Facilities Management eXpress was named one of the Top 25 Facility Management solutions on the market after a recent quarterly ranking by GetApp in December of 2017! For the full story, check out our blog post! 

FMX customers have experienced successes of their own. Check out their stories and find out how FMX has helped them improve their facilities management by reading a few of our case studies: 

Discover how Broadmoor Baptist Church saved $5,500 a month in utilities by using FMX


New Albany Schools have reduced the approval process time by 75% since FMX


Find out how FMX enabled manufacturer Bonnell Aluminum to take a proactive approach to maintenance


Seattle Sun Tan reduced their number of trips to stores from 4 times per week to one time per week with FMX


A large Wendy's Restaurant franchise achieved significant savings with FMX 


Video Testimonials

See how FMX helped the City of Groveport manage their facilities:


See how FMX helped Wheelersburg Local Schools manage their facilities:


See how FMX helped Chillicothe City Schools manage their facilities:


See how FMX helped Groveport Madison Schools manage their facilities:


Check out all of FMX's customer success stories to see how we can help you!

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