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FMX simplifies facility management, offering configurable modules and an easy-to-use interface, so you can focus on what matters most for your organization.


When it comes to features, we’ve got you covered by providing everything you need, and nothing you don’t.



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FMX is easy-to-use!

A simple calendar display makes it easy to keep track of work orders, planned maintenance, assets, and much more. With just a couple clicks you can view, respond to, and resolve items, or drag and drop them to another day.

We have unrivaled customer support

We’ve been named “The #1 Best-Reviewed Facilities Management System” on the popular online software resource, Software Advice, demonstrating our high levels of customer satisfaction and excellent customer support. We offer free, unlimited support via phone and email and additional educational materials in our online support center.

FMX is highly configurable

We enable you to 'build-your-own' FM system that meets the demands of your organization. Our customer success team is ready to work with you to make sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Keeps your maintenance staff connected

With flexible email notifications, your maintenance team will know immediately when a work order is submitted or updated, and people will know when their work orders have been responded to or resolved.

Provides actionable insight with robust reporting and analytics

The FMX CMMS shows you where your team is excelling, and where to focus energy for improvements. Create and share customized reports and dashboards to ensure that you’re making data-driven facilities management decisions.

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No installation required!

FMX is cloud-based and available using any device with a web browser including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Your data will always be in sync and you’ll automatically receive updates with new features. Over 20% of users access FMX on a mobile device allowing them to manage their facilities on the go.

Enables flexibility through role-based user access

FMX ensures accountability by easily adapting to the unique structure of your organization, defining each user’s role and what they are allowed to view and change in your system.

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When it comes to our daily grind, it's our eclectic staff here at FMX that keeps us moving forward! Broken down into three major teams, FMX employees offer a multitude of skills, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions to remedy your every day pain points!

Customer Success Team

Customer Success is one of the driving forces that makes FMX stand out even more from other CMMS companies. The FMX Customer Success Team was created for the specific purpose of helping our customers unleash the full power of the FMX software, as well as giving them the best CMMS experience possible. Our CSS team consists of hard-working, trained professionals who dedicate their time to making sure all FMX customers' questions and needs are answered on a daily basis. 

With our highly-informative and educational onboarding process, FMX's Customer Success Managers make sure that all new customers feel comfortable and confident when navigating around their FMX site! In addition to this, the FMX CSS team is always keeping up with our very extensive learning center so that our customers have access to the information they need when it comes to utilizing all of the features that FMX has to offer!

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Sales Team

The Sales Team at FMX is a hard-charging group of ambitious and disciplined guys and gals who are passionate about delivering FMX to the world. The group comes from a wide-range of backgrounds with skills ranging from multi-lingual, world-travelers, and well-seasoned sales executives, to a few division 1 collegiate athletes.

Carrying on the tradition from the rest of the FMX team, the sales group is known for going above and beyond for all of those interested in our product, often working evenings and weekends, and always going the extra mile to make sure our clients find the best system for their organization before they buy. Combined, we have over 50+ years of sales experience and a leadership team that’s got a vision to change the world!

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Development Team

The FMX Development Team is an intelligent and motivated group of individuals whose members range from fitness enthusiasts to sports fanatics and online gamers, headed by a manager who doubles as a pilot-in-training during his free time. 

On a typical day, the FMX Development team juggles many obstacles, as their number one goal is to keep the FMX software afloat, as well as user-friendly and free from all bugs! Working all hours of the day, this unstoppable team is continuously updating the FMX software to help all users, designing and developing new features, creating a flexible platform for each of our organizations, all while supporting the FMX Customer Success Team by finding and fixing bugs! But even with a busy schedule, these hard-working individuals still manage to find the time for their Friday afternoon Pictionary sessions. Talk about a group who really knows how to multitask! 

Apart from our incredible teams here at Facilities Management eXpress, it is also important to note our highly motivating and supportive executives. With endless options for growth and inventiveness, the FMX leadership team makes it possible every day for FMX employees to consistently and effectively support each other, and most importantly, all of our FMX customers, giving them the best CMMS experience possible. 

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