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What is Facilities Management Software?

FMX, a computerized maintenance management software, or CMMS, enables facilities managers to more efficiently and effectively track work orders, schedule resources, and plan maintenance. Our cloud-based solution features customized software with a calendar view simple enough for anyone to use to submit, track, and manage their requests, events, and assets.


Who We Serve

Facilities Management eXpress takes pride in being the facilities management solution to a wide variety of organizations. Click on your industry to discover how FMX can be tailored to meet your specific needs.




School facilities departments are often understaffed and underfunded. Facilities managers frequently receive more work orders than they can handle. Meanwhile, they watch their budgets dwindle due to constantly running HVAC and other operational systems to accommodate after-school activities. See how facilities management software, like FMX, can help you stay on top of work orders, develop a maintenance plan, lower your operational costs, plan capital improvements, and more. 




Property Management

Property managers wear a lot of hats. They’re expected to be salespeople, facility managers, paralegals, accountants, and more. Facility management (FM) software, like FMX, is a powerful tool that empowers property managers to take control over their many job duties, streamline their work flows, track spending, and more. 





When manufacturing companies experience low profit margins, they look to trim business costs. One of the first places they look to make cuts is in their maintenance and operations departments. When faced with this situation, maintenance managers must increase their labor efficiency. A CMMS like FMX can help you achieve this. It may even help you justify adding headcount to your team because you’ve shown that you’re using your labor force at its maximum efficiency.



Your Organization

Facilities Management eXpress serves many other organizations. Click the link above to find out if FMX offers facilities management services for your industry! 

FMX Features

Work Order Management

Everyone in your organization can log into FMX and create a request in minutes! Easily respond, assign, and resolve issues while keeping track of time and money spent. Click here to download our datasheet and learn more about this feature.

Planned Maintenance Scheduling

Eliminate unplanned downtime and unnecessary expense. Scheduled planned maintenance tasks automatically issue reminders, guaranteeing nothing falls through the cracks. Click here to download our datasheet and learn more about this feature.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Create and share customized reports and dashboards to ensure that you’re making data-driven facilities management decisions. Click here to download our datasheet and learn more about this feature.

Inventory and Asset Management

FMX provides a unique QR code for every asset. Save time by scanning codes from any smartphone or tablet to adjust inventory quantities, obtain asset maintenance procedures and history, and more. Download our equipment datasheet and our inventory datasheet to learn more about these features! 

Events Scheduling

FMX prevents double-booking of rooms and resources and enables flexible approval processes to ensure event success. Save time by scheduling repeating events only once and share events easily with calendar exports. Click here to download our datasheet and learn more about this feature.

Click here to learn about more FMX features!

How FMX Stands Out From Other CMMS's

Many facility managers spend too much time putting out fires because they don’t have the information they need, when and where they need it. An effective facilities management system makes it easier for a facility manager to do their job, and to do it efficiently.

Click the link below to discover why FMX has been the solution for many organizations and why it should be yours.

Five things that differentiate FMX from other FM solutions

Learn Our Language

Facilities Management companies have a broad vocabulary when it comes to doing what they do best. Click on the links below to learn a little bit more about FMX's lingo. 

Reactive vs. Planned Maintenance

FMX gives you the capability of creating in-the-moment maintenance tasks! So, if an asset breaks down, or one of your employees or tenants doesn't have a working air conditioning unit, then with a few clicks on your FMX site, anyone with the access to do so can make sure these issues are rectified in a quick and efficient manner!
FMX also gives users the capability of creating daily, weekly, and even yearly planned maintenance tasks to help prevent frequent downtime of an asset!

Facilities Management vs. Maintenance Management

While Facilities Management and Maintenance Management go hand-in-hand, where one would not function properly without the other, they are also quite different when broken down: 


In a nutshell, think of Facilities Management as the holistic approach to an organization's daily operations, while Maintenance Management is what keeps a facility up and running!

What is a Maintenance Request?

A work order is an authorization of maintenance, repair or operations work to be completed. Work orders can be manually generated through a work request submitted by a staff member, vendor, tenant, or automatically generated through work order management software, such as FMX! 
Purchase orders are documents sent from a buyer to a supplier with a request for an order, whether that be office supplies, classroom furniture, break room snacks, or even new generators for a manufacturing facility. The type of item, the quantity, and the product prices are generally listed on the purchase order. The more specific the order - the more details included - the more effective the purchase order will be!

Most organizations that use a CMMS such as FMX tend to closely track Equipment, as well as Inventory and Resources when running their day to day operations. However, many people still find it a bit challenging to decipher between the three. Click the link above to learn more!

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