A maintenance request, or as you might refer to as a work order, is an authorization of maintenance, repair, or operations work to be completed. Maintenance requests can be manually generated through a work request submitted by a staff member, vendor, tenant, or automatically generated through a work order management software, such as FMX!

What is the purpose of creating a maintenance request using a CMMS, such as FMX?

  • Offers facility managers and employees better insight and explanation of the problem, repair and/or installation of an asset.
  • Allows CMMS users to schedule resources and tools that are needed for maintenance tasks.
  • Provides technicians with detailed instructions on the work to be performed.
  • Enables technicians to document their labor hours, equipment, inventory, and resources used to complete the work they have done.
  • Tracks all maintenance and repair work that has been performed on each asset over time, providing site admins a comprehensive log of each task performed.

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