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What is a CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (or Software), a.k.a CMMS, can be broken down into four parts for a better understanding:


Computerized refers to the fact that with a CMMS, your data is stored on a computer, or in this technological day in age, on a tablet or a smart phone. Can you believe that Maintenance management was once recorded with only a pen and paper? Before the 1980s this was the case for most organizations, making most of their work orders reactive rather than preventive. With the ability to track maintenance on a computer, and better yet, using a structured system such as FMX, organizations have been able to keep up with their facilities and work orders in a more organized and efficient fashion. 


Maintenance is what users of CMMS software do every day, whether it’s responding to a work order for a broken window, or performing routine inspection (preventive maintenance) on a water heater.

It is without a doubt that a computer software cannot accomplish the hard work of a skilled technician, but what it can do, however, is ensure tasks are prioritized correctly and that everything is in place (inventory, labor hours, costs, etc.) to ensure success. CMMS solutions give technicians the freedom to focus less on paperwork and more on hands-on maintenance.


Managing maintenance is the most essential role of a CMMS software such as FMX. This software is designed to give users immediate insight into the state of his or her maintenance needs with comprehensive work order schedules, accurate inventory forecasts, and instant access to many invaluable reports. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by providing managers with necessary information that they need in order to make the most informed decisions possible for the betterment if their organization. 

System (Software)

A system can be thought of as the overall combination of features and capabilities within a CMMS. Different CMMS solutions offer different types of systems. The best CMMS system is one that allows users to accomplish his or her existing maintenance practices more effectively while introducing time-saving features that lead to a reduction of costs and a savings of time for each organization and industry it serves.


In other words, a CMMS, such as FMX, is a software that not only helps organizations maintain their facilities, but it also helps them to manage their day-to-day tasks, all from the convenience of a computer or device! 

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