When bulk importing data to your FMX site, chances are you’ll come across quite a few typical (and sometimes not-so-typical) errors that will prevent you from finalizing the import. The errors, and how you typically come across them, are listed below:

Doesn't match records


1. Incorrect spelling or extra spaces

You might receive this error if you try to import data that should belong in the building titled Workshop 1, but the data in the import spreadsheet reads “Workshop1”, "Workshop 1", or let’s say “Work Shop 1”.

Pay close attention to the spacing as well. An additional space in the title of a record will halt the import.

It is very important that the spelling/syntax in the import file for required fields is an exact match with the spelling/syntax of a record in FMX.

2. Resources/locations/buildings/types not created on FMX site yet

You will also receive this error if something required, such as a building or an inventory type, has not yet been created in your site.

Missing value


You will receive this error if you left a required cell empty. For example, if you are importing inventory and did not include the quantity of light bulbs, then the import will fail. This is a required field, and therefore should never be left blank.

Cannot uniquely identify parent location


This error occurs when trying to import resources that are attached to “parent locations”. This error indicates that the parent location has either not been created yet or because the spelling may be different from what is on your FMX site.

Imports cannot exceed 100 records


This error occurs when the number of records on spreadsheet contains more than the allowed number of records. The threshold very per module and can be modified on the back end but the FMX Support team; however, it is recommended to break your data down into multiple files. This will create a smoother and quicker bulk importing experience.

Matches more than one record


This error occurs when a field such as a location, building, type, equipment, etc., is duplicated in FMX, meaning there is more than one “Gymnasium” created for the same building. In this scenario, FMX does not know where the record belongs and it must be uniquely identified by another field on the import sheet.

*The system allows importing equipment items with the same name if needed, however this may cause issues when trying to assign those equipment items to a maintenance request or PM task down the road. Unless the equipment item is uniquely identified, it could be difficult to know which equipment item is being selected. 

Another possibility is that the duplicated item just needs a specific location, which then would separate it from the other duplicates.

Not a custom field


This error occurs when the data contains a custom field that does not already exist on your FMX site. 

*Custom fields must be created in FMX for them to appear on the bulk import template. If you add a new custom field, redownload the bulk import template for it to appear as a column on the spreadsheet.

Not a valid email


This error occurs when trying to import a user, but their email address is invalid. Make sure all email addresses are valid, as this is a required field for all users to access your FMX site.


Email addresses are not required for contacts (no log in access).

User errors


This error occurs when you try to import a user who either already exists on the site under that email address, or when importing multiple users under the same email address. There can be no duplicate email addresses.

Some characters are unusable when importing email addresses into an FMX site. Take a look at this helpful list so that you can avoid these errors when bulk importing Users and their email addresses into an FMX site!

Missing/misspelled user


This error occurs if you attempt to assign an equipment item, work requests, etc., to a user but their name is either misspelled or they do not currently have an FMX account. Users must exist in FMX if you want to associate them with any records on a bulk import.

Not a valid date time


This error occurs if you try to import a date or time that is not formatted properly in Excel prior to importing. 

Missing PM task occurrence date/mode


These errors occur when entering in PM tasks. When scheduling PM tasks, each task must have an occurrence attached to it. For example, it might be a monthly task that takes place each month on the same day, or it might reoccur each month based on the completion of the previous task. PM tasks can also reoccur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, etc. Make sure you clearly label when and how often each PM task occurs.

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