Satisfaction surveys create an automated feedback system after a request has been fulfilled to measure satisfaction ratings and gather areas for improvement. This provides full visibility on the request, ensures you are addressing any negative responses, and sets performance benchmarks for your teams.

This feature is available for work request modules(maintenance, technology or custom) or the schedule request module. 

To add satisfaction surveys to your FMX site please reach out to your account manager at FMX. 

How it Works?

Once this is set up on your FMX site the person who submitted the request will automatically receive an email with a link to a survey after the request has been resolved. Or if it is an event they will receive the survey 24 hours after an event is completed.

Then the user can fill out a survey for their recent for their recent request. 

The questions on the survey are chosen by your team. Once the survey has been completed the data can be reviewed in the survey report. To access the report click the "Survey Results" link your FMX site. 

Users who have access to the report are able to use the filter at the top of the report if they wanted to filter by request type, requesting user, resolving user, building, submission date, or by questions. 

There is also a search bar to use as well.  The report also displays the request ID and a link to the original request. Click the "View Request" button to see it.  The data can also be exported to a CSV file as well by clicking the "Export to CSV" button. 


How to Setup Satisfaction Surveys

Once you have purchased the feature a member of the FMX team will get this turned on for your site. They will need answers to the questions listed below:

  • User Types who need access to this feature
  • What module is this for?(Maintenance, Technology, Custom or Schedule requests)
  • Please list all the customer's questions that need to be included on the survey.
  • Which questions should be required to answer? (i.e. all of them; questions 1, 2, and 4; etc.)
  • What should the survey ending state after all responses have been submitted? For example, "Thanks for your response!"

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