This feature enables a user to transfer a quantity of inventory from one inventory item to a second "identical" inventory item in a different location, as long as they share the same SKU number. 

To do this, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1. Create the first item, and be sure to include a SKU number.

Step 2. Create the second item, located in a different building, with the same SKU.

Note - SKU numbers are visible in the grid view as well as exports

Step 3. Initiate the transfer from the inventory grid view, or the inventory item's details page by clicking the "Transfer Quantity" button.

Step 4. Select if you're transferring "to" or "from." Choose the other Inventory item from the dropdown, and enter the quantity you'd like to transfer. The "Remaining quantities" field will automatically update once you type in a quantity to transfer. Enter any notes here if you'd like, and click "Save" to confirm.

Notes & Tips: 

  • Quantity transfers cannot be negative or move inventory that is not available. 
  • Each transfer is categorized as an inventory log.
  • Inventory low quantity email notifications will continue to trigger based on changes due to inventory quantity transfers.

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