Your Schedule Request could skip the approval/invoicing/estimating process because "Requires Approval" "Requires Invoicing" and/or "Requires Estimating" must be indicated in the following places:

1. User Type Permissions (Admin Settings > User Types > Edit > Schedule Request Access)

2. Resource (Resources & Locations > Edit > Scroll down to Schedule Request Settings)


Other reasons a request would skip the approval process

1. The Request Type does not have "Requires Approval" indicated. (Admin Settings > Request Types > Edit > Schedule Request Settings)


Additionally, if the submitting user for the request is listed in the approval order, the request will automatically be approved. This is because the submitting user would be the approver, so FMX automatically approves the request.

Why did my request not go to the approver I expected it to go to?

This happens because there are 4 places that Schedule Request Approval Orders can be set up. FMX follows a hierarchy with where it looks first for approval orders, as shown in the below screenshot.

If an approval order for the request type is set up, FMX will follow the Request Type Approval order. If the Request type has no approval order, it will then look to the Resource. If the Resource has no approval order, it will look to the Building for an approval order. If there's no approval order for the building, it will then look in the General Admin Settings.


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