Enabling this feature

If your organization has made use of our other bulk actions such as bulk resolving work requests, bulk approving work requests, or bulk canceling schedule requests, then bulk deletion for users/contacts should already be enabled on your site. You simply need to turn it on in your user type settings. If bulk actions are not enabled for your site, please contact support@gofmx.com to have us enable it for you.

How to Turn on Bulk Deletion via User Type Settings

Navigate to your user’s user type settings. The user type settings are found in the Admin Settings.

Next navigate to the "User & Contact Access" portion of your user type settings and expand the menu. Scroll down to the “Bulk delete” permission and check the box to turn on the feature for that user type. Once you have checked the box then go to the bottom of the settings and select "Save".

How to Bulk Delete Users & Contacts

After you turn on this feature go to the "Users & Contacts" grid. Select the check boxes of the users/contacts you would like to delete. Use the filter at the top to narrow down what is displayed. To select all the users/contacts that are currently displayed select the check box that is above the top user displayed. Once you have chosen what you would like to delete select the "Delete" button.

Once you click delete you will see a window pop up with a list of the users/contacts you’ve selected and a checkbox verifying that you intend to bulk delete these users/contacts. You must check this checkbox in order to complete the bulk action.

Once you bulk delete the users/contacts, you will receive a confirmation banner at the top of your page alerting you of the deletion of these users/contacts is happening behind the scenes.

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