The catch up action allows you to delete overdue occurrences and 'push forward' to the next occurring due date. The new occurrence will be based on how the interval is set up, starting from the current date.

For example, imagine you have a weekly task due every Friday that has 10 overdue occurrences. If you use the catch up action the 10 overdue occurrences will be removed. The task is caught up to the occurrence that is due on this Friday.

How to Turn on the Ability to Catch up Work via the Admin Settings

Navigate to your user’s user type settings. The user type settings can be found in the Admin Settings. 


Next navigate to the "Planned Maintenance Task Access" portion of your user type settings and expand the menu. Scroll down to the “Catch up” permission or "Bulk catch up" permission and select either "Own", "Accessible Buildings", or "Any" to turn on the feature. Once you have selected the option you would like then go to the bottom of the settings and select "Save". 


How to Use the Catch Up Action

Once the setting has been turned this action can be done in planned maintenance task grid view, the planned maintenance occurrence grid view or from the occurrence. To catch up a task click the 3 vertical dots on the task you would like to do this for and select "Catch up". 



Once you select "catch up" a slide out will appear with what task is being caught up.  There is also a warning saying "This action will delete any existing overdue occurrences and skip occurrences up to the current date. This will generate a new occurrence based on the current date and the set occurrence interval. Note that the system does not currently track skipped occurrences."

The slide out will also show what the new updated due date will be for the next occurrence. To complete this action click the "catch up" button. 

This process is the same when doing it from occurrence view. To do this in bulk select the check boxes of the tasks you would like caught up. The select the "Catch up" button at the top. 



You will then see a window pop up letting you know which tasks will be effected. There is also a box that has to be checked that says "I understand that this action can't easily be undone." Then click the "Catch up" button in the window. 

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