Liability Insurance can be required by an organization for specified user types to be able to submit Schedule Requests. See below for details on indicating which user types require Liability Insurance, and how to get that added to each user's profile.

Setting a User Type to Require Liability Insurance

1 Start in Admin Settings, and click the "User Types" tab towards the top of your screen. Click "Edit" to the right of the line for the User Type that you'd like to require Liability Insurance.

2 Click the top "User Type" section header to open these settings, and check the box for "Require Liability Insurance." Once this has been checked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save" to confirm.

Where to Indicate Liability Insurance Expiration

Now that we have set it so that this User Type requires Liability Insurance, we have to enter their insurance expiration date in their profile. Users will be able to submit Schedule Requests until the expiration date entered here has passed.
1 Start in Users & Contacts, find the user you'd like to update Liability Insurance info for, and click "Administer" to the right of the row with their name. **Note: If a user's name is bold with a vertical line to the left of their row in the grid view, their Liability Insurance needs updated.
2 Click into the "Liability insurance expiration" field, and select the expiration date of this user's insurance from the calendar that appears. Once a date has been selected, scroll down and click "Save" to confirm.

Once the expiration date has been added, repeat these steps for any other users that need their expiration date updated. If a user's expiration date has passed, they will have to send their new insurance to the organization. Once they have sent the updated document, an admin needs to update the expiration date in their profile, and they will be able to submit Schedule Requests again.

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