Any user can be indicated as a driver. This means that they can be assigned as drivers for Transportation Requests. You can indicate a default driver rate, or different driver rates per user. In this article, we will cover the workflows associated with getting this set up.

Setting Default Driver/Mileage Rates in Admin Settings

If you'd like a default driver rate for all drivers in your site, you can do so in the General Admin Settings. Note - This default rate can be overridden within individual users' profiles.

1 Start in Admin Settings and within the "General" tab, scroll down and click "Transportation Request Settings."

2 Indicate the default driver rate by typing in a dollar amount in the "Driver rate" field. You can also indicate a default "Mileage rate" here, which will be reflected in the total Vehicle cost for a trip. Similar to driver rates, individual Mileage rates applied to vehicles will override what is indicated here. Once this has been entered, click "Save" to confirm.

Setting Individual Driver/Mileage Rates

If you have several different drivers, and want to set up different rates per driver, you can do so in each user's profile.

1 Start in Users & Contacts, and click "Administer" to edit the user's profile that you'd like to set up a rate for.

2 Check the "Can be a driver" checkbox, and the "Driver rate" field will appear. If you set up a default driver rate, that will automatically be entered here. Write in your new driver rate, and click "Save" to confirm.

3 If you want to indicate Mileage rates that are different than the default rate for a vehicle, that can be adjusted by finding the vehicle in the Equipment Module, and clicking "Edit."

4 From here, enter a price in the "Mileage rate" field, and click "Save" to confirm.

Finalizing Transportation Requests with Driver/Mileage Rates

Now that our driver and mileage rates have been indicated, when the assigned user completes a Transportation Request, the fees are auto-calculated based on the Driver and Mileage rates associated with the user and vehicle assigned to the request.

1 Click "Finalize" to complete the Transportation Request.

2 Enter the Departure and Return times and Mileage, then click "Finalize" to confirm.

3 Once the request has been finalized, open it back up and all fees will be auto-calculated based on the  Driver Rate, and Mileage Rate indicated.



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