In FMX, there is the ability to create a separate registration page for community members. In this article, you will learn how to set this up and how to add in extra fields that may be required of community members. 

In most cases, users go to your organization's site (, they will be brought to the main log in page where they can select "Need an account?", and register as a user for your site based on whatever initial user type is set up. 

With the community member registration page, you can create a separate page that may have different fields and questions that are needed to be asked when creating an account as a community member. When you enable this feature, you will be able to send the link out, or put it on your own site, that will take users directly to a registration page like in the picture below. 

How to turn on the community member registration page

  1. Select admin settings
  2. Stay on the general tab and scroll to the Community Settings and check the box for "Enable community registration" This will activate the separate URL that will be used for the community member's registration page. The URL is the same for all organizations as it is your
  3. Next, you can choose the initial user type that you would like for these users to be placed into. For example, an organization may have different levels of community groups but this could be a user type with no access, and then after you review their account, you can switch them into the appropriate user type. 
  4. There is also space for you to put in any sort of registration agreement or legal statements that are needed for community users who are registering for your site. 


How to add extra fields to the registration 

When you create a community member registration page, it will only ask for their name, email, and password. Through custom fields, you can add in more fields, such as liability insurance, group designations, check boxes agreeing to the terms below, and so much more. Here are the steps to adding in more fields:

  1. Select admin settings
  2. Choose the custom fields tab
  3. Select the red box "add custom field"
  4. Set up your custom field to be for Users and Contacts 
  5. Have the Community Member user type be listed in the "User types" box so that it appears on their registration but then have both Community Member and FMX Administrator (or whatever admin user type that will be monitoring these accounts) be listed in the "Permitted user types" so that it is visible to both user types. 
  6. You can choose to make it required by selecting the check box.
  7. When you're all done, select Save.

If you would like to learn more about custom fields and the different types, click here to view another support center article. 

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