Have you accidentally deleted something in FMX and now need to retrieve it back? Never fear! In FMX, in most cases, nothing is ever hard deleted in the system. This means usually either the user or someone on our team can bring back the information that was deleted on your site! 


How to find what was deleted

In every case, in each module, to undelete something you will need to filter to "deleted". This is going to bring back any information that has been deleted (users, equipment, buildings, requests, etc.) 


How to undelete

Once you have filtered to your deleted items, you will see a trash can icon on the right hand side. This trash can will actually undelete the item and bring it back into an active state. Here are some examples of what your screen will look like. Notice that all are filtered to deleted. 





After you select the trash can icon, there will either be a slide out screen or it will bring you to the bottom of a new page where it asks you to select Undelete again. After you select this last button, the item or request will be active again. 

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