Once an organization has set up their requirements for Estimating and Invoicing, there are going to be instances where you may not actually need to Estimate or Invoice a request. In FMX, we have the ability to skip the Estimating and Invoicing state and move the request into a Finalized & Upcoming or Finalized & Completed state. 

How to skip an Estimate

First you will want to find the request and select the "$" for estimate.


You will then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the option to "Skip Estimate". Select this option and the request will become one of the Finalized states.

Please note that you can route this request into a pending invoice state if you would still like to invoice the request instead of estimating and invoicing. Click HERE to find out how to route a request to another pending state. 


How to skip Invoices

First, you will want to select the three dots "more" icon. Then you will select the option for "Skip Invoicing". 


After you select the skip invoicing option, it will give you the opportunity to give a reason but it is not required. Finally, you will select the "Skip Invoice request" button and the request will move into one of the finalized state. 

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