1 When creating a custom field that links to a PDF, you'll first need to upload the PDF into some sort of online platform which gives the PDF a URL. Google Drive is a great free tool for this. Simply drag and drop your PDF into the Google Drive. You could also right-click in your Google Drive, and select "File Upload."

2 Now that we have the PDF linked to a URL in Google Drive, we need to make sure that this link is able to be viewed by anyone, as it defaults to private. To do so, click the PDF to highlight the row in your Google Drive, and click the "Share" icon.

3 A "Share" Pop up box will appear. Click under General Access where it usually will say "Restricted" and change this to "Anyone with the link." This determines viewing permissions for the file.

Drive share screenshot.png

Now that our link is tied to a URL in Google Drive, and we have indicated that anyone can view this link, it's time to create this as a Custom Field in FMX!

4 To set this up, start in Admin Settings, click the "Custom Fields" tab towards the top of the screen, and click the "Add custom field" button in the top right corner.

5 On the "Add Custom Field" page, there are a few required fields to complete:
Name: This refers to the bold text shown to the left of this custom field. Most users don't put anything here, since the link itself will have text to click on. If your custom fields are ordered by number, you can simply just write the number here, followed by a colon and a space.
Type: Select "Read Only"
For: This refers to what module and workflow this will be located in. I chose Maintenance Request Details, but this will vary based on where you'd like this field to appear.
Description: This is where we will plug in our formula. You want to select "HTML formatting."

6 Now all that's left to do is plug in our formula, and replace the placeholder words with the link and text we want to be displayed.

Copy and paste this link into the "Description" section.
<a href="link">text</a>

Go back to your Google Drive, and in the "Share" pop up menu, click "Copy Link."
Copy link screenshot.png

Go back into FMX, paste the link URL that you just copied to replace the word "link" in the formula, keeping the quotes around the link.

Next, replace the word "text" with what you'd like this link to say, and click "Save" to confirm.

You'll get a confirmation banner towards the top of your screen saying this has been saved. Click the link in the message to view your new custom field, and test it out!

Here's how this Custom Field will look on the Maintenance Request Details Page

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