Customize calendar colors

FMX’s calendar colors are now completely customizable! Either enter your favorite hex code or click a color on the display.

Added user type permissions for “Can be assigned” and “Can assign equipment” for Work Requests

Have you ever wished you could allow a user type to be assigned to work requests or assign specific equipment without giving them the ability to resolve tickets? With this update, you now have more control over what your users can and can’t do in a work request. Check out this learning center article to find out more about the new permissions!

Allowed Resolution custom fields to appear on the Work Request grid view

Do you have Resolution stage custom fields that you’ve wanted to see on the grid view? Click on the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner to add these fields!

Added the ability to see the last time a request was responded to on the Work Request grid view

With this update, you can now see the date and time a request was last responded to. Just use the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner to add “Last response” as a column to your grid view!

Added a print icon to the Work Request, Planned Maintenance, and Transportation Request grid and display views

Have you ever wished there was a clear way to print your Work requests or Planned Maintenance tasks? We’ve now added a print icon! You can either print to a PDF or paper copy.

Changed the application of inventory unit prices

If you change an inventory item’s unit price, it will now only apply to new log records.

Added the ability to schedule multiple buildings in one request

Events can now be entered in multiple buildings! Make sure to enable this feature for the appropriate request types by editing their user type settings. Check out this help center article for more information!

Added a grid to Schedule Requests

Have you ever wished you could separate your Schedule Request grid into overarching events and individual occurrences of each event? Now you can! Read more in this help center article.

Allowed Purchase Orders to be edited post-purchase

This new feature can be enabled through its own user type setting. Check out how to do so in the Purchase Orders section of this help center article!

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