Admins have the ability to color code the calendar for each module and can choose what color scheme other user types view on their calendar. To access this navigate to admin settings and select Calendar up towards the top of the page.

Next, you can select the module that you would like to adjust. For each module there are two categories of calendar colors: Request State Colors and Request Type Colors. Request State Colors are based upon the state of the work order (e.g., pending assignment, finalized, overdue, etc.) and Request Type Colors are based upon the request type (e.g., plumbing, maintenance, automotive, etc.) as specified in the Request Types tab in Organization Settings. In the section titled Color Scheme you may select whether a given user type will see a calendar badge color determined by Request Type Colors or by State Colors.


To update the Request State Color and Request Type Color of a module, either enter the hex code for the desired color or select the colored square to open up the customization tool. At the bottom of the tool are pre-made colors. To the right, you may select a hue using the slider and then alter the shade in the large box by clicking within the box



When you are satisfied with the changes, select “Save” at the bottom of the page.


To see how to update calendar colors by assigned user, click here.

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