Assign and resolve Work Requests via email

Have you ever wished you could quickly assign or resolve a request from your email notification? Now you can! Just reply to the email concerning the desired request with either:

#assign Name or email of user as listed in your site (multiple users should be separated by a comma)


#resolve Resolution for request

Check out this article for more information.

Choose which fields are displayed on Trip Tickets

Are some of the fields available for Trip Tickets not necessary for your organization? You can now pick and choose which fields you’d like displayed on your Trip Tickets! This comes in handy when trying to limit your Trip Ticket to one page. Approvals are now also available to include on your trip tickets. Check out this article for more information.

See which user type needs to approve a Schedule or Work Request

Say goodbye to accidentally overriding other user types in the approval process! You can now see where a Schedule Request is in the approval process from the grid view. Additionally, the “Status” column is now available to search and sort (do this by clicking “Status”).

Import inventory items in bulk

If you have more inventory than you’d care to enter by hand, administrators of your FMX site can now use our bulk importing tool! You’ll just need to check “Bulk import” under “Inventory Access” in your user type settings, and the “Bulk Imports” module will appear on the left-side menu.

Edit Planned Maintenance resolutions

We now have the capability to edit Planned Maintenance resolutions! This can be done in the same manner as any other edit.

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